Семинары и тренинги


From the 1st till 21st of September 2019

In Serbia, on the banks of Magic Danube, in a national park,
a beautiful place, very quiet and protected.


Intensive practice and learning of movements, as well as the inner exercises that accompany them, in the context of Gurdjieff’s global teaching. Exploration of the science of movements and vibrations, their effects on the physical, emotional intellectual and energetic level. Meditations and speeches of Osho, Mme de Salzmann, Hazrat Inayat Khan.
Pedagogical and didactic sessions for people who want to learn how to become Gurdjieff Movement Instructors.

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An area imbibed with the depth and compassion of Tibetan culture and people
Surrounded by the superb beauty and quietness of Himalayan Nature
The beauty, silence, comfort( unusual for India) , and safety of the center create optimal conditions , which are helping us go deeper within ourselves, as individual, and as a group.

actual view from osho nisarga003

Dancing Soul
18th – 26th of April 2019
*Dance as a therapy, a way to release tensions, to reconnect with earth, to accept and express our emotions, to be total. The body never lies, hence dance immediately reveals to our eyes the truth behind the masks
*Dance as creativity, play, relating, communication. Dance: a door to the immense potentialities of our life-force
*Dance as a meditation, from and to stillness


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30th of April till 12th of May 2019
2 weeks Retreat
open to everyone independently of experiences or

GERMANY, MUNICH           

Weekends on a regular basis

6th-7th of April 2019 (With Amiyo and Chetan)
6th-7th of July 2019 (with Latif)
12th-13th of October 2019 (with Latif)
16th-17th of November 2019 (With Amiyo and Chetan)
14th-15th of December 2019 (with Latif)


  • FRANCE, JURA                  

 Chateau Roche Sur Linotte  


It is located in a beautiful park surrounded by age old trees in the heart of the Haute-Saone, in Franche Comte close to Besancon

Weekends Seminars
25th – 26th of May 2019
27th – 28th of July 2019
23rd – 24th of November 2019

A Week Intensive and Teacher Training
25th – 31st of May 2019
27th of July – 2nd of August 2019
23rd – 29th of November 2019

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 PARIS, France

Gurdjieff Movements practice 

23rd – 24th of March  2019
Studio DTM  –   6, rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 PARIS

organiser:   and
You have the possibility, if you wish, to stay in a nearby hotel


Gurdjieff Movements practice

3, ruelle Pyot,  5170 Profondeville/Namur

Contact:  Marie-Françoise FLASSE

Russia, Yaroslavl
Gurdjieff Movements Retreat
8th-14th of June 2019

      Info & contact:  Ingo

or  Chetan